Seafood Marketing Division
We are one of the experienced, reliable seafood sourcing agents in Bangladesh. We export best quality Bangladesh origin raw and cooked, block & IQF Shrimp in different categories. We are running this business almost 30 years with our valued importers from USA, Europe, Japan, Middle East, South East Asia etc. Our dynamic team always after best quality product to satisfy your seafood need. The product we carry mostly is shrimp but we also carry other fish products. Our Bangladesh origin shrimps' English & Scientific names are as follows: Sea Water Black Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus Monodon) Fresh Water King Prawn (Macrobachum Rosenbergii) Sea Water White Shrimp (Penaeus Indicus) Sea Water Gray Shrimp (Metapenaus Monoceros) Sea Water Red Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus Semisulcatus) AVAILABLE NOW - 1. Sea Water Black Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus Monodon) 2. Fresh Water King Prawn (Macrobachum Rosenbergii) Updated on:February 29th,2016

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Phone : 880 17 14 01 05 60
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Arag Chamber (1st Floor)
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SKYPE ID - alphatradeintcom